Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I begin taking the ACT test?

We advise high school students “the sooner the better” when it comes to taking the ACT.  Preferably, students take the ACT at least once their Sophomore year to establish a baseline score and to get some test-taking experience under their belt.  However, it isn’t too late to prep for and take the ACT workshop during Senior year.  Boost My ACT workshops are usually taken by students anytime between the summer before Junior year through Spring of Senior year.

2. When/Where are the Boost My ACT workshops held?

Boost My ACT workshops are held the 5 days immediately preceding every national ACT test date.  They are held after school in a classroom setting conveniently located in Trophy Club.  Approximate times are from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. For exact workshop dates, click here.

3. What if my child is in extra-curricular activities after school?

There are many students who are involved in various activities, and some of them take place after school.  We recognize that and do our best to be as accommodating as possible.  However, many years of experience and results have shown that our workshop schedule yields the best score improvements for students.  Because of this, most parents feel that a 5-day commitment to improve ACT scores is a worthy cause that is the highest priority that one particular week.  We also gladly provide a formal excuse letter for Teachers/Coaches/Directors upon request.

4. Will you provide a formal excuse letter for my child's coach?

Absolutely!  We realize that students take part in various extra-curricular activities and will be happy to provide a formal excuse letter for Teachers/Coaches/Directors upon request.

5. Are class sizes limited?

Yes. Class size is purposefully limited so each student has their questions answered and needs addressed for a full understanding of test material.

6. What is Orientation, and when is it held?

About two weeks before each workshop, there is an orientation meeting for BOTH parents and students.  At Orientation, Robi White (Workshop Lead Instructor) and Jeni Michener (Subject Instructor) will go over workshop specifics and give students pre-workshop study material.  Workshop payment is due at Orientation.

7. How do you compare to other ACT prep courses?

There are many different prep organizations available, and not all students will be a “fit” with one single type of prep course.  Boost My ACT has found through many years’ experience that a five-day course immediately preceding the ACT test is both the most efficient AND effective way to help students achieve the very best score increases.  We limit our class sizes so students can receive individual help as they need during the workshop.

We also make a commitment to continue guiding our students until they reach their scoring potential for one affordable price.

8. Do you have a guarantee?

Boost My ACT is committed to helping our students achieve their scoring goals, hence the reason we offer continued practice and guidance at no additional cost until the student is satisfied with their ACT scores.

9. How much improvement can I expect to see?

While each student is different, the average improvement immediately after taking the workshop is a composite score increase of 3 to 5 points.  If students choose to re-take the ACT and continue to use our guidance to take practice exams, further improvements are absolutely possible.

Keep in mind that even a single point improvement on the ACT could translate into better acceptance rates or increased scholarship offers.

10. What is the cost of the workshop?

The cost of the workshop is $800.  This cost also covers all the practice tests and guidance from Robi until the student reaches their scoring goals.

11. What method of payment(s) are accepted?

Cash or checks are accepted.  Workshop payments are collected at Orientation.

12. What if it's the last minute and I want my student enrolled?

Since we limit workshop size, we cannot guarantee there will be a spot available.  However, please fill out the Enrollment form and we will be in touch with you promptly letting you know if there is room for your child.

13. What if I want to enroll my student for a future workshop?

No problem at all…simply fill out our Enrollment form and state which workshop date (month/year) you want your child to take part in.

14. I have enrolled my student in a workshop, what's next?

Great!  We are looking forward to helping your student reach their scoring potential on the ACT.  After enrolling, you will receive a phone call from Robi introducing herself and letting you know when the orientation meeting is for the workshop.  At orientation, Robi and Jeni meet with students and parents to give workshop specifics as well as pre-workshop study material.  Payments are collected at Orientation as well.