Here are what our students (and parents!) are saying about our prep workshops. We are dedicated to helping each student reach their scoring potential on the ACT, and the proven results speak for themselves!

“Thanks for success” | Traci | Parent, Argyle High School

“We attribute our daughter’s success on the ACT to this class – thank you, Robi and Jeni. She reached the goal score she wanted; we will definitely refer you and the class to others!”


“Effort produces results” | Jill | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“Robi and Jeni, we were thrilled when we saw our son’s ACT results! I am beyond thankful that you stepped into his life at just the right time! I thought that I was simply signing up for test prep, but I am even more excited about the morals, values, and life lessons that my son experienced through your program. I am now relieved that he has seen an example of how effort can produce results! I have already been singing your praises even before we got the scores, and I will sing even louder now!”


“Recommend 1000%” | Rejeani | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“I cannot say enough about Robi and Jeni. My daughter had taken the ACT test multiple times and was at her breaking point ready to give up. Meeting Robi and Jeni and taking their prep course was the best decision ever. They are both so hands-on and make sure that all of the students understand the material. My daughter’s score went up and now she does not have to take the test again – we recommend them 1000%!”


“Quality program” | Amber | Parent, Hebron High School

“Robi, there are truly no words to express my gratitude for everything you and Jeni did for my girl. I have sung your praises to everyone I know with kids who might need your services and will continue to do so. My daughter’s incredible success is a testimony to your methods, the quality of your program, and the power of your prayers! We are forever grateful!”


“More than worth it” | Beth | Parent, Faith Christian School

“We are thrilled! Our daughter achieved her scoring goal! Thank you so much for your program, Robi & Jeni! It’s already more than paid for itself with the scholarship opportunities she has earned!”


“Support throughout the process” | Liesl | Parent, Keller High School

“The class was incredibly helpful – I wouldn’t recommend anything else – and I just love the structure and expectations you had for the kids. We will, without question, have our younger son go through this as well. From the first phone call, you have been so supportive, and, as a parent going through this for the first time, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. Thank you, Robi and Jeni!”


“Dream school a reality” | Hadley | Liberty Christian School

“Robi, thank you and Jeni so much for the commitment you make to me and other students. You are always encouraging and uplifting no matter what. Now with my score, I can not only get in but also receive scholarship…thank you for making my dream school a reality!”


“Continued guidance paid off” | Kelli | Parent, Marcus High School

“The tools, techniques, and confidence you gave through the practice sessions were invaluable to my daughter! With this score, she has earned the next level of scholarship, bringing her to $44,000 over 4 years— almost enough to cover out of state tuition! Woohoo!”


“Singing praises for this class” | Jennifer | Parent, Westlake Academy

“Robi’s class was money well spent. Her knowledge, organization, enthusiasm, and genuine concern for each student is what stood out to me. Our son improved his score in every section and raised his composite score by 4 points. Now he has out of state tuition waived, and it has opened the door to lots of scholarship opportunities. We are so proud of our son’s accomplishment and owe it all to Robi and Jeni. I can’t give enough praises to these two ladies and have recommended this class to lots of people.”


“Higher scholarship” | Whitney | Parent, Flower Mound High School

“My daughter was so happy with her scores she was almost crying! We can’t believe it. She achieved a higher level of scholarship at her top-choice college…this is amazing!”


“Goal reached” | Mac | Colleyville Heritage High School

“Robi and Jeni, thank you! I’m super pleased with my score. Thank you for helping me reach my goal; the class was super helpful and definitely boosted my confidence!”


“Exceptional direction” | Lori | Parent, Coram Deo Academy

“Robi, thank you so much for everything! Your students are well-prepared to perform at their highest level. You and Jeni continue to provide exceptional direction and guidance for your classes. Thank you!”


“I’m a believer” | Marcia | Parent, Denton Guyer High School

“Robi, thank you for all of your help! I believe in your philosophy and success on how to get through this crazy test. You all do a great job! Thanks for taking care of our kids.”


“Another positive experience” | Jacob | Parent, Fort Worth Christian School

“We are VERY pleased with our son’s improvement, but more importantly he achieved the scoring goal he set for himself! Robi, this is the second positive experience we’ve had with your class and are always quick to recommend it to friends whose kids are looking to improve their ACT scores. I’m very proud of the work our son put in and very appreciative of you and Jeni.”


“Thrilled with scores” | Nicole | Parent, Grapevine High School

“Robi, we are so very appreciative of the work you and Jeni put into the kids; I was thrilled with my son’s new score as was he! I know it would not have been possible without you both. This score allows him to apply to his #1 choice business program, so he’s happy! Looking forward to my youngest coming to you in a few years.”


“Exciting increases” | Rachel | Parent, Covenant Christian Academy, Colleyville

“Robi and Jeni, thank you for working with my son and helping push his scores up — he said the class was SO helpful in raising his score. He is very proud and we are excited for him!”


“The best in the business” | Jay | Parent, Ursuline Academy Dallas

“Robi, my wife and I can’t thank you and Jeni enough. You came highly recommended and hit a home run. Your course is the best in the business. My daughter really enjoyed your class. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication to the students, and the prayers.”


“Grateful for continued support” | Keltie | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Thank you so much for all of your continued support throughout this process. I absolutely will recommend you all to anyone I know. You both not only share great strategies and information, but also have been outstanding communicators and cheerleaders!”


“Increases are game changers” | D’Anna | Parent, Faith Christian School

“We are absolutely thrilled! Robi & Jeni, thank you both for your help with our daughter’s achievements. Your technique with reading was an absolute game changer for her – not just on this test but also for school. We are super excited about the skills she learned.”


“Amazing work” | Kevin | Parent, Colleyville Heritage High School

“Robi and Jeni, I am very proud of my son’s ACT score! He worked hard. However, a lot of credit goes your way. Amazing work you and your team did. Thank you again for your efforts!”


“Helpful guidance throughout” | Jennifer | Parent, Flower Mound High School

“I was very pleased with my daughter’s improvement from her first test to this last one! Thank you so much for your help, encouragement, prayers, and clear communication! It’s quite a process that can be overwhelming, so your guidance has been much appreciated.”


“Super stoked” | Jake | Argyle High School

“Thank you so much Mrs. Robi! I’m super stoked about my scores, your class was SO helpful. I felt very confident going into the test. You’re the best!”


“Couldn’t have done it without you” | Catherine | Parent, Keller High School

“Robi, I just wanted to thank both you and Jeni for your insight, knowledge, and assistance in helping my daughter achieve a great ACT score. She is very pleased with her results and could not have done it without you! We will keep you informed on her college plans!”


“Newfound confidence” | Debbie | Parent, All Saints’ Episcopal School

“Robi, thank you so much for all your guidance! My son was super proud of his scores as were we! I am most excited about his newfound confidence for taking the ACT! Thanks again for all you and Jeni have done to help him!”


“Tools she needed” | Norma | Parent, Grapevine High School

“We are very proud of our daughter! I will continually tell people about your outstanding program – I can’t say enough great things about you and Jeni. I knew my daughter would try her best but you definitely gave her the tools she needed. Thank you again for everything!”


“Class was awesome” | Jim | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“We are so happy we had our daughter take your ACT prep class! She came home every night excited saying ‘I actually learned a lot and the class was awesome!’ We are so thankful for you and Jeni! You both have amazing passion to help students – thank you both for all you do!”


“Stress diminished” | Jordan | Colleyville Heritage High School

“The test was a less stressful experience because of the strategies I learned in class. All of the tips were a huge help when it came to time management, and it was great that the class was an environment where there was no penalty for failure – that in itself was huge. I am grateful for what I learned from you and Jeni!“


“Exciting scores” | Holly | Parent, Coram Deo Academy

“My son got back his ACT scores and I haven’t seen him as excited about anything in a long time! He has been able to raise his composite score on the ACT by 5 points after taking your class. Thank you! This gives him not only more college options, but additional scholarship dollars as well.”


“Encouragement and more” | Kristin | Parent, Jesuit Dallas

“Robi & Jeni, thank you for all you did to help my son. He feels you both helped him much more than the private tutor he previously worked with. He set his mind on doing well on the test and I think he definitely proved it to himself! I appreciate most of all your encouragement you gave him! I have given your information to several friends – hoping their kids can get the positive results my son did.”


“Higher scores than thought possible” | Randy | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“We are very proud of our son and very appreciative of you and your very valuable prep course! The increase he achieved was not something I really even had contemplated as a possibility, so we are just thrilled with the results. He is most definitely fully content and happily done with college testing!”


“Gives students confidence” | Tricia | Parent, Arlington Heights High School

“My daughter knows almost immediately if she’s connecting with a tutor and if that tutor is well-versed in the material and helpful, and she had great things to say about your program! Thank you for being a positive resource for the kids. You do more than just prepare them for the ACT – you give them the confidence to take it! Most kids dream of college life for years and these tests are often the boundary to cross to make their dreams come true.”


“Can’t thank you enough” | Scott | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi, I seriously could not be more thrilled with my son’s results and can’t thank you and Jeni enough for what you do to help these kids succeed!”


“Skeptic to believer” | Melissa | Parent, Keller High School

“We are so thrilled with our son’s score – higher than we thought possible. I have to say I was a skeptic about what all could be achieved in 5 days but I am a believer now. Our son said he felt so prepared and ready (thanks to you and Jeni) and it definitely showed.”


“Showed her how to succeed” | Don | Parent, Fort Worth Country Day School

“My daughter absolutely attributes her score success to your course! She had what it takes…y’all showed her how to apply it…for that I am grateful! She is definitely passing your name on.”


“Maximized potential” | Allison | Parent, Marcus High School

“This is great for my daughter’s confidence in her applications and entering college next year. Thanks so much for helping her reach her potential! I really am amazed at the improvement she made…she never thought she would be able to improve her Math score. My only regret is we didn’t do this course sooner.”


“Exceeded previous prep experience” | Stacey | Parent, Faith Christian School

“Thank you both so much for all of the time and effort you pour into these kids. My daughter really enjoyed your class and I must tell you how impressed I have been with the communication and the content. I can honestly say that your classes were far and above the expectations I had based on the prep classes my older child took elsewhere. Thank you for all that you have done for my daughter’s confidence and all you do for kids every day!”


“Gets him where he needs to be” | Debi | Parent, Argyle High School

“Robi, we are very happy with our son’s new score. It gets him where he needs to be for the college he’s considering. You and Jeni do amazing work and I so appreciate you both! I will definitely continue to recommend your class.”


“A tremendous help” | Elise | Parent, Fort Worth Christian School

“I was completely thrilled with the ACT tutorial experience for my daughter. The class and new material she learned helped her scores tremendously. Robi’s enthusiastic attitude was positive and motivating. She also provided excellent feedback. My daughter’s score improved by 5 points, and we are very proud!”


“100% recommend” | Jayce | Covenant Christian Academy, Colleyville

“Thank you so much for everything, Robi. The class helped me get to a place where I didn’t even think I would be! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the whole experience. Thank you and Jeni for investing so much into all of us. I will 100% recommend this course to my friends.”


“Focused, efficient, effective” | Andrea | Parent, Timber Creek High School

“The service that you provide is impressive. My husband and I are truly amazed at how much content was covered, how focused it is, and how you still make it very one-on-one through your emails and Remind. I love efficiency and you’ve got it down to a science! The extra effort that you put forth to help the kids do well on the test is truly remarkable. You can definitely tell that you love what you do. We were extremely pleased with the class and will highly recommend you in the future.”


“Worth every penny” | Helen | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi and Jeni, thank you so much for all you both did! It was worth every penny to see my son’s face and know he got exactly what he wanted to get him to the next scholarship level! We couldn’t be happier! I will for sure spread the word!”


“Class is amazing” | Kristi | Parent, Flower Mound High School

“We are beyond excited and proud of our daughter! I am still in shock that she increased her composite score by 5 points! Thank you again for all of your help! Your class is AMAZING!”


“Incredible gains” | Sophie | Keller High School

“Robi, I wanted to thank you so much for investing in me and helping move up my composite score 7 points to a 31! I definitely couldn’t have done it without all of your help and will recommend your class to anyone and everyone who asks!”


“Personal touch” | Sarah | Parent, Colleyville Heritage High School

“Robi and Jeni, we are very impressed by all that you do – not just the improvement in our daughter’s scores but the personalization and thought that you have put into your program.”


“Graduating debt free” | Stacey | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“Robi, my daughter (a HS senior) was able to get $28,000 academic scholarship with her ACT score and GPA, and my son (a college Junior) also has stacked academic and athletic scholarships of $45,000 and will graduate debt free! We couldn’t have gotten the academic without you! You are helping our kids!”


“Class was so beneficial” | Kate | Parent, Fort Worth Christian School

“Robi, we are pleased with our daughter’s score, and I am super excited about her score in English! I know your class was so beneficial. Thank you again and she tells everyone how she enjoyed your class and how it helped with the ACT.”


“Shouting praises” | Eileen | Parent, Grapevine High School

“Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for your help! My son made a HUGE improvement with you. I have been shouting your praises to everyone I meet!”


“Course was game-changer” | Micha | Parent, Flower Mound High School

“Thank you so much for your prep class…it was a godsend! My daughter’s exact words were, ‘Mom, the week of ACT prep helped me so much. I’m glad I took it.’ It’s awesome when kids are aware that the hard work pays off. Thanks again Robi for all you do through your course! It’s a game-changer for my daughter!”


“Thrilling first-time score” | Jennifer | Parent, Grapevine Faith Christian School

“Robi and Jeni, I am thrilled with my son’s score since it is his first time taking the ACT! I have already told anyone who will listen about how thrilled we are with your program and will continue to do so. I only wish my oldest son in college had taken your class.”


“Opened doors of opportunity” | Marilyn | Parent, Liberty Christian School

“Our son took an ACT prep course at his school and then took the ACT twice with accommodations for his learning differences. We were afraid that his scores wouldn’t allow him to attend a four-year college. Then he attended Robi’s ACT prep class, took the ACT again, and his composite score increased by 3 points! He has been accepted into FOUR four-year colleges and can now get the education needed for his career goals. We are so grateful for Robi’s help.”


“Showed she CAN do it” | Summer | Parent, Keller Central High School

“I am so proud of what my daughter has accomplished. She worked so hard to get these scores and it shows. You and Jeni really helped her learn the tools allowing her to actually think she could do it… you gave her the confidence she needed. You have an amazing program and gift helping these kiddos!”


“Wonderful program” | Jenifer | Parent, Coppell High School

“Thank you and Jeni both for your encouragement and for providing such a wonderful program for our kids! Our daughter is definitely thrilled with her superscore improvement. We are too! We have certainly passed your program recommendation along to others and will continue to do so.”


“No longer skeptical” | Trey | Parent, Denton Guyer High School

“My wife and I had always been skeptical of ACT/SAT prep classes. We had friends send their daughter through Robi’s class and they saw a significant improvement in her score. We decided to try and couldn’t have been happier. Our son improved his test score by 3 points and his superscore by 4 points. We’d absolutely do it again – money well spent!”


“Commitment to students” | Sally | Parent, Decatur High School

“I’m already spreading the word about how great your program is. My son worked hard and it showed – thank you for all your great guidance. He definitely learned so much that was useful. Your commitment to these students is commendable.”


“What a relief” | Mary | Parent, Marcus High School

“My daughter’s four point increase in both math and reading was impressive, and what a relief to achieve the score needed for scholarship opportunities at her favorite schools! Thank you and Jeni so much for your help and guidance! She visibly has more confidence in herself. Thanks again for your help and prayers in her college journey!”


“Will tell everyone” | Brian | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“Robi and Jeni, we are THRILLED with our son’s test results! Thanks so much for all of your help and guidance. We really appreciate it and will definitely tell everyone we know about y’all and what a great job you do.”


“Helped reach potential” | Gay | Parent, Van Alstyne High School

“Thank you so much, Robi. We know our daughter is an intelligent girl, but she really needed all of your strategies and assistance to reach her potential on this test and for that we are forever grateful.”


“Made test less stressful” | Kaitlyn | iUniversity Prep Online

“Thank you so much for helping me get this score. The class really helped and made the test a lot less stressful.”


“Support throughout the process” | Toller | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi and Jeni, our family couldn’t be happier with our son’s progress and results. We greatly appreciate your efforts, prayers, and support for him through this process. We will absolutely recommend your program to other parents and students that are interested in your services.”


“Helped the whole family” | Tina | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“Robi, we are so happy that our son increased his composite score by 4 points! He could NOT have done this without you and Jeni! Thanks again for all your help with all 3 of my children….we are so appreciative of you both!”


“Jumping for joy” | Leanne | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi, we are super proud of our daughter and excited for the opportunities this score will open to her. We all started jumping up and down in the living room. 🙂 She could not have done this without you and Jeni. This is a shared accomplishment! We can not thank you both enough”


“Impressed from start to finish” | Lindy | Parent, Argyle High School

“We couldn’t be more impressed with Robi’s class. My son’s ACT score increased by four points, which obviously meant more scholarship money. We love how Robi cares about these kids from start to finish, and she even followed up to see how he had done and offered help if needed for a later date. We highly recommend Robi! As a matter-of-fact, my younger son will be taking Robi’s class when the time comes.”


“Outstanding experience” | Monica | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“Robi and Jeni, our son’s new ACT score will increase his merit award by thousands of dollars yearly – we knew he’d have a good improvement with your help! Thanks so much for everything. You guys are great at what you do but most importantly you’re good people. Our experience with both kids has been outstanding. It’s been a pleasure working with you.”


“Quite impressed” | Anna | Parent, Fort Worth Christian School

“We are extremely pleased and proud of our daughter’s scores on the ACT! Thank you for helping her achieve these results. Even before we knew her score, I was recommending your class to any of my friends who asked. I was quite impressed with all aspects of your class – parent contact, orientation, the way you engage the students, your focus on the students taking good care of themselves, your encouragement, and your follow up with offers of practice on subsequent exams until satisfied with the results. Thank you for helping her achieve an excellent score on her ACT!”


“Investment = confidence” | Cristina | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“Robi and Jeni, we are beyond excited. The confidence my daughter received today from seeing her ACT score is worth the investment even if she never stepped a foot into college. I am so proud of her and so thankful for your program.”


“Total support” | Jennifer | Parent, Grapevine High School

“Thank you so very much for all your support! We are very happy with our son’s score improvement. From the encouraging note, to the healthy snack, ‘coaching,’ and everything in between, we are so appreciative of both you and Jeni.”


“Two thumbs up” | Jason | Byron Nelson High School

“I would like to thank you and Mrs Jeni for all the help in the week leading up to the test! This class was very helpful and I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone taking the ACT!”


“Gave him the tools to succeed” | Rhonda | Parent, Harvest Christian School

“I am extremely encouraged by my son’s score! Thank you so much for your service! He knew the class items you went over were going to be a huge asset for him come test day. I will absolutely pass on your information to others!”


“Helps students soar” | Heather | Parent, Fort Worth Country Day School

“Robi, we are beyond thrilled with our son’s scores. We are especially proud of that 36 in math!!!
You guys are the BEST! I always recommend you to friends and now that the students I have taught are in high school, I recommend you to them, too! Your positivity and enthusiasm for helping these students soar is amazing!”


“Tremendous return on investment” | Julie | Parent, Van Alstyne High School

“We are so excited! Our daughter got the points she needed to get to the next level of scholarship, which is a tremendous return on the investment in the course. Thank you for your time and interest in helping students. You and your team do a wonderful job.”


“Happy and thankful” | Jack | Coram Deo Academy

“I am very happy with the composite score that I received, and I am thankful for all your time and effort invested in me to help me achieve my score.”


“Opened collegiate doors” | Briggs | Fort Worth Country Day School

“I am super excited about my scores! They opened way more doors for colleges that I wouldn’t even think about applying to without that score. Thankful that y’all could teach me so much about the ACT and how to take it. I opened the letter in the mail and had the biggest smile on my face. Robi, thank you and Jeni for everything!”


“Individual attention” | Bob | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“We are extremely proud of our daughter and her accomplishment. We thank you and Jeni immensely for the way you help all your students prepare and the individual attention you give to each of them. We are more than happy to recommend your course to anyone looking for ACT test prep.”


“Couldn’t have done it without the class” | Analisa | Hebron High School

“My family saved thousands of dollars thanks to my ACT scores! Thank you for everything you have done. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without you.”


“Liked from the start” | Sabrina | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“Robi and Jeni, we can’t thank you enough. Your patience and encouragement towards our daughter has increased her confidence, and her scores now open scholarship doors at multiple colleges! I knew from the very first parent/student meeting I liked the way your program was run…you know what you are doing!”


“We’re telling everyone” | Jody | Parent, Colleyville Heritage High School

“Robi, we were very pleased with our son’s ACT score. Thank you for the great work you do with these kids. Our son thinks very highly of both you and Jeni and has already told several friends that they need to sign up too! I actually gave your information to a parent just today.”


“Beyond thrilled” | Patty | Parent, Keller High School

“Robi, we are beyond thrilled with our daughter’s ACT score! Thank you for believing in her and all of your help. We are very thankful.”


“Genuine love and concern” | Amy | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi has been a wonderful resource for my son. My favorite thing about her is the genuine love and concern she shows to students. With Robi’s help, my son has the scores he needs to go most anywhere his heart desires. Robi has fans for life in our family, and my son and I both recommend her anytime we have the chance!”


“Confidence has zoomed” | Janet | Parent, Hebron High School

“Thank you, Robi. My daughter’s confidence has just zoomed from achieving so much. I am so happy that we found you and trust me we will recommend your service to everyone.”


“Thanks for continued help” | Mikaela | Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi, I just wanted to let you know my ACT scores increased again! Your program really helped me and I loved that I was able to come in even after I completed your course to ask questions. I appreciate all of the work you put into this program!”


“Effort pays off” | Janet Lee | Parent, Faith Christian School

“Robi, my son saw how the work he put into getting ready for the test paid off. He sees now that this is doable and attainable. THANK YOU for that. I am thankful he can continue to work with you, and, for what it is worth, I’ve already passed your information on to several other moms!”


“Glad I took the class” | Hogan | Flower Mound High School

“Your class helped so much; I am so glad I took it! You do a fantastic job. Thank you, Robi!”


“Grateful for process” | Sriya | Frisco Centennial High School

“I really can’t thank you and Jeni enough. From the materials to the approach – you helped me so much and my score wouldn’t have been anywhere nearly as good without that. I’m really grateful for everything you did. Thank you, Robi!”


“Hard work pays off” | Ellie | Marcus High School

“Robi and Jeni, you have helped me so much! I loved working hard during the class because I felt like my mind could retain more information! Both of you also helped me become more confident in myself and taught me that I shouldn’t worry about comparison to others. 🙂 Thank you again for everything!”


“He embraced it all” | Susan | Parent, Faith Christian School

“Thank you Robi! I so appreciate your help! My son really enjoyed your class and I was so impressed with his good attitude all week. Honestly, I was worried it could be a long week, but he embraced it all and I want to say you were a big part. You gave him confidence and it paid off.”


“What I needed” | Chandler | All Saints’ Episcopal School

“This class was the best! My score went up 4 whole points! Thank you so much Mrs. Robi!”


“The right tutor” | Mary | Parent, Argyle High School

“We initially heard about Robi from other Argyle families whose children had been successful on the ACT. Our daughter took the ACT without any prep and scored a 27. We knew she was capable of scoring even higher should we find the right tutor. We were so impressed with Robi from the moment we attended the parent/student orientation. It was obvious that she has worked with countless students and that she was extremely knowledgeable about ACT tests spanning many years. We could not have been more pleased when our daughter scored a 30 after tutoring just one week with Robi!”


“Singing your praises for years” | Blair | Parent, Fort Worth Country Day School

“Robi, we are absolutely thrilled with our son’s scores! The ten point increase in reading is amazing! All of the increases are fantastic. I have been singing your praises since our daughter your class two years ago, and I will certainly continue to do so. Thank you for your services!”


“True turning point” | Gina | Parent, Southlake Carroll Sr. High

“We are thrilled with our daughter’s score! Thank you for what you do and for making it so personal for the students. I have been impressed since the night of the parent meeting. I think your class and this experience was a true turning point. She set her mind to something, worked hard and reaped the benefits, which was a real confidence builder for her.”


“Wonderful job” | Nicole | Parent, Marcus High School

“We are so excited about our son’s results! He worked so hard; I appreciate all of your help. I give your name to everybody that talks about testing. You do a wonderful job with the students!”


“Test-taking confidence” | Stephanie | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi and Jeni, I was so impressed with you both from the parent orientation. Your presence and your words commanded respect along with your genuine interest in helping each student achieve their fullest potential. My son felt very prepared going into the test. Test taking has been a struggle for him, so this was a positive experience that helped him gain confidence. We will definitely recommend your program on to others…I can see why your reputation is so strong in our community!”


“Added crucial points” | Jason | Trinity Valley School

“I came into this class a bit skeptical considering it was such a short class. However, through efficient teaching methods and plenty of practice questions, I came away with the confidence I needed to thrive on the ACT. The three points I added to my score thanks to this class will prove to be crucial when I apply to colleges in the coming months.”


“Robi removes the burden” | Kelly | Parent, Argyle High School

“I would highly recommend taking Robi White’s course! It is just the right amount of time for busy students to get the results they want. Our son improved greatly, positioning him where he needed to be. We were very satisfied. Simply commit to the short course and the scores will improve! There are few people that listen to their calling in life; Robi definitely is one of them. She is excellent at what she does. She removes the burden of months of studying and simplifies it to just a few days.”


“Help all along the way” | Terrye | Parent, Colleyville Heritage High School

“Thank you, Robi, for all the help and encouragement you gave our daughter. I never dreamed her score would improve from a 22 composite to ultimately a 33 composite! The continued support you provide allowed her to improve after each test. She refused to give up until she reached her goal, and you were right there helping her all along the way. I’m confident that your class and practice sessions gave her the tools she needed to succeed. Her amazing ACT score is going to open up many college opportunities.”


“Thankful for support” | Sally | Coram Deo Academy

“Robi and Jeni, I am so thankful for all the work you poured into me! This score would not have been possible without your tips, tricks, and ways to attack the test, so thank you very much!”


“Well-prepared and well-taught” | Ty | Parent, Liberty Christian School

“Robi, I just want to take a moment and thank you for helping our daughter with the ACT. She learned a great deal from you and we believe that you prepared her well. She was very complimentary of your teaching. Thank you again for all you do.”


“Thrilling results” | Misty | Parent, Grapevine High School

“Robi, my daughter got her ACT scores and she got a 34! We are both thrilled! Thank you so much for your help, yet again. With my older daughter, you helped her get her automatic admission to her first choice school, and now with my younger daughter, you have helped her secure enough merit scholarship to make her dream private school a reality. What a blessing! In a couple of years, you will be seeing my son come through your class too. Thanks for doing what you do!”


“Loved the class” | Karen | Parent, Argyle High School

“Robi, we are very pleased with our son’s improvement. Thank you again for all you did…I loved the energy…loved everything about your class!”


“Excellent motivator” | Tracy | Parent, Prestonwood Christian Academy

“Thank you for your support, guidance and prayers! I think this will motivate my son for even more improvement. I have told many people about your class and will continue to highly recommend it to others!”


“Amazing rapport” | Maggie | Parent, Marcus High School

“Robi, thank you so much for all your hard work this week. You and Jeni have such an amazing rapport with the kids and my son is no exception. Thank you again for an incredible week.”


“3 points and a BIG yipee!” | John | Parent, Flower Mound High School

“I simply wanted to share how impressed we were with Robi’s program. Everything, from her initial orientation with us in outlining the program approach, to her ongoing updates and words of encouragement, and finally to our son’s results, clearly exceeded our expectations. The fact he improved three points on the ACT was absolutely wonderful, but more important was Robi’s personal touch and caring attitude that impressed me the most. Robi will be meeting son number three soon and we look forward to another great outcome.”


“Thanks for pushing me” | Presley | Byron Nelson High School

“Thank you so much, Robi…I’m thrilled about my score! I am so grateful for you and Jeni for pushing us so that we can do our best. Also, the sandwich helped a ton and I was able to stay focused throughout the entire test!”


“Worth it” | Charleigh | Argyle High School

“The class was definitely a time commitment, but I am so glad I did it because it improved my score a lot. I learned a lot more than I had originally thought I would and I really enjoyed getting to know y’all and getting to be a part of the class!”


“Personalized motivation” | Alicia | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“We are thrilled with our daughter’s results! I can’t thank you enough for all of the personalized tips you shared with her in addition to the week of training. You motivated her to work harder and encouraged her to reach an even higher goal! I feel certain this ACT score will make a huge impact on the application process! I’ve already forwarded your info to friends who are very impressed with her improvements.”


“Admitted to dream college” | Chris | Graduate, Byron Nelson High School

“Taking Robi’s ACT prep class was one of the best decisions I made my senior year of high school. With her extensive help and guidance, I was able to increase my composite score by 8 overall points to a 35! She helped me get into my dream college and I couldn’t be more thankful. Her class was incredibly focused, informative, and encouraging. Not only did Robi provide the knowledge to do well on the ACT, she gave me the needed confidence that I could reach my goals. I will forever be thankful and blessed I had the opportunity to take her class and would recommend it to any student wishing to increase their ACT scores.”


“Passionate prep” | John | Parent, Brewer High School

“Robi, thank you for providing a passionate prep class that engages the kids and gives them everything they need. We were convinced about what you could do from the orientation session for our first son, and then his scores on the ACT provided the evidence. Our second son’s success adds to it, and we are happy to tell others.”


“Felt settled and ready” | Leslie | Parent, All Saints’ Episcopal School

“Robi and Jeni, thank you for all you taught our son. I think the biggest thing you did was help him settle down and be prepared for the actual test taking. The diet, bedtime, and snack all helped him exponentially feel rested, aware, and not anxious. We are telling all our friends about your class!”


“The perfect combination” | Dana | Parent, Colleyville Heritage High School

“Robi’s ACT Prep Class is well worth the investment. We looked into more ‘traditional’ ACT prep programs but felt that the other programs required too much independent study. Robi’s caring personality and her week-long class was the perfect combination that encouraged our daughter to really focus on preparing for the exam. The test-taking strategies, time management skills, and the section-specific information she learned from Robi helped her increase her composite score by three points. This increase allows her to go to the school of her choice and gives her additional scholarship money to offset the cost of out of state tuition. Thanks, Robi!”


“Lessons beyond the ACT” | Chelsey | Byron Nelson High School

“Robi and Jeni, thank you for all your support! This class opened my eyes beyond the ACT: getting better sleep, trusting in God, and having more confidence in myself. I’m very thankful for you!”


“Opens many doors” | Nicole | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi, I am over the moon! My son scored a 31…that is a 6-point increase! This will open doors for him that were previously closed. Simply the best money we have spent so far on his education!”


“The drive paid off” | Nellie | Parent, Midlothian Heritage High School

“We are so very proud of our daughter! I’m so happy that we found your program and the drive was well worth it. Thank you so much for offering the course and allowing her to come back to take the practice tests. You will see us again in a couple of years when it comes time for my other daughter to start preparing for the test.”


“Continued guidance and success” | Shelly | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi and Jeni, I can’t thank you enough. After working with you, my son’s ACT score has increased 8 composite points from his initial testing. You did a wonderful job of helping him improve his speed in test-taking – which was a struggle for him at the onset. We also appreciated the fact that your course spanned less than one week, making very efficient use of the students’ time. Finally, we love that you are so encouraging of the students and provided us feedback each time he took the test. With my son’s most recent test score, he should be eligible for scholarships at some of his top choices of universities. He couldn’t have done it without your help!”


“Improved testing abilities” | Lise | Parent, Denton Ryan High School

“Robi and Jeni, thank you both for helping my daughter improve her test taking abilities and to have confidence to achieve her goal! We will both gladly recommend your course to anyone we hear of that meets the need.”


“ELEVEN point increase” | Paige | Parent, Liberty Christian School

“Robi, I just wanted to share my daughter’s test scores with you! We can’t thank you enough, because without you this would not have been possible. She started this journey at an 18 and has ended up at a 29! UNBELIEVABLE!!!”


“Sincere thanks” | Amorette | Parent, Flower Mound High School

“Robi, a note of sincere thanks: My son felt much more confident about his ability to take the ACT. Your kind words of encouragement, notes of support, and enthusiastic approach to helping him learn was very much appreciated. Although we don’t have scores yet, we are grateful to have been part of your preparation class!”


“Great program” | Shelly | Parent, Keller Central High School

“Robi, thank you for pouring in to the students before the ACT; you have a great program. I wish we had discovered it sooner!”


“7-point Increase” | Rebecca | Parent, Northwest High School

“My daughter took the ACT twice and could not improve her scores on her own, but after taking this class she improved her score by 7 points! Robi was very encouraging and my daughter said the class was enjoyable unlike the ones she had taken at school. We are very grateful for all of Robi’s help and encouragement!”


“Huge first step” | Lisa | Parent, Keller High School

“Robi and Jeni, I cannot tell you how happy we are with the work that you have done with my son and his results. He has historically done poorly on standardized tests, so this is a huge first step for him. I have passed your names on to everyone I can think of and will most certainly continue to do so! Your program has lived up to the great recommendations!”


“Relieved stress” | Heather | Parent, Coram Deo Academy

“Wanted to send you and your team a big thank you for all you do to work with the kids, motivate them and help them achieve their goals. Partnering with your company relieved a lot of stress in my home. Very thankful and happy with how the classes went and how prepared our daughter was for the test.”


“Knows what she’s doing” | Aljona | Argyle High School

“I took the prep class and was amazed by how much I learned. Robi knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to ACT prep. This program really paid off…I improved my composite by 6 points!”


“Worth the drive” | Wendy | Parent, Prosper High School

“Thank you for everything! We are so pleased with our son’s results. I was floored by his Reading score! I will definitely recommend you to friends…you are worth the drive! Thanks again for your support and prayers for him.”


“Results speak for themselves” | Deb | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Your commitment to my son and the other students in helping them to excel in ACT is quite impressive! And he had great results! I have passed your name on to many; results speak for themselves and you certainly helped my son go from a 28 to a 31!”


“I’m so thankful” | Leesa | Colleyville Heritage High School

“Taking Robi’s ACT class made my score improve by 4 composite points. Without her help and support I wouldn’t have been able to do this. She has a way of working with you to help you understand everything you don’t. She’s extremely patient, very friendly, and so very helpful. Robi truly is a blessing and I’m so thankful that I took her course.”


“Felt great, scored great” | Everett | Southlake Carroll High School

“I felt really good going into the ACT, and I was able to zone in and not get distracted. I never felt rushed either which was great. The class helped SO much…I can’t thank you enough and am so happy that I got a 33!”


“The best investment” | Galo | Parent, Timber Creek High School

“Robi’s ACT prep class was the best investment we made. Our daughter took the SAT first, and with the scores she got was going to be shy of getting accepted to the college of her choice. Then we learned of Robi White and her ACT prep course. Her preparedness, professionalism, aptitude and caring attitude was amazing. Her ability to communicate and lay out basic strategies to better the students’ scores were of extreme value to us. Thanks to Robi, our daughter was able not only to exceed the school threshold but also get a scholarship towards tuition expense.”


“Continued support paid off” | Pooja | Byron Nelson High School

“I am very surprised and pleased by my results on the ACT, and Mrs. White was amazing with helping me achieve a great score! With Mrs. White’s continued support, I raised my composite 8 points in two ACT tests! A week may not seem like much preparation time for the ACT, but the amount of information and practice I received from each class was great. I am definitely excited and more confident with my improved ACT score.”


“Even surprised himself” | Tracy | Parent, Marcus High School

“Robi, thank you for all of your help. We are SO proud and excited for our son. I think he even surprised himself with how high his scores are!”


“Big benefits” | Jill | Parent, Faith Christian School

“Our son definitely benefited from Robi’s prep course. He improved his score 4 composite points! Her methods consider every angle of being fully prepared for the ACT so students can perform at their peak ability. I recommend Robi’s class to anyone needing to increase ACT scores!”


“Accepted to dream college” | Heather | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Our daughter was officially accepted to her first-choice university! She is beyond thrilled and this was possible because of her new ACT score and grades. Blessed to have had your support!”


“Amazing scores” | Nicole | Parent, Marcus High School

“If you are looking for an ACT prep course for your son or daughter, please consider Robi and her ACT prep workshop. Without Robi, our son performed nicely on the test. With Robi, he performed AMAZING and boosted his composite score 3 points! How? She completely invests in your child and is committed to seeing him/her achieve their potential. Thank you, Robi, for your enthusiastic and thorough instruction. We are ever so grateful.”


“Will recommend to anyone” | Cami | Parent, Frisco Lone Star High School

“Robi, We are very excited about our son’s 4-point composite improvement on his ACT and are definitely grateful for you and your program. Thank you again for all of your help! We definitely will recommend you to anyone we can.”


“First time 31 composite” | Rusty | Parent, Fort Worth Country Day School

“We are so excited and proud of our son’s test scores! We are very happy customers, so please use us as a reference in any capacity! A number of people have heard about our son’s scores and have asked about his prep. Thank you so much for all that you have done.”


“Worth every penny” | Nancy | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi, I wanted to say thank you again for helping my son in class. He felt he did better on this ACT than he had in the past. He said that you definitely gave him tons of helpful hints and he said you were SO worth every penny. 🙂 Thank you!”


“Investment returned tenfold” | Caryn | Parent, Liberty Christian School

“Our daughter is now seriously looking at Harvard. The new score has given her the confidence to apply and believe that she can actually get in. We believe your program made the difference for her. Natural abilities are reflected in her baseline and lessons learned from your program are reflected in the increase! We also believe that the monetary investment in the class will be returned tenfold by the scholarships she is now eligible for as well as the opportunities she will gain by attending a higher tier university. We can’t thank you enough for the difference you have made in our daughter’s future!”


“We are impressed” | Brent | Parent, Faith Christian School

“We were thrilled with our son’s five point improvement in his ACT score after taking Robi’s course. The benefits are well worth the very reasonable investment. But the most impressive thing we noticed about Robi is how much she truly cares about her students, and the commitment she has to helping them succeed. It is exemplified in her attitude and her willingness to continue the working relationship with her students after they’ve taken the test if they want to strive to achieve an even higher score. Robi is a huge blessing to our family!”


“The work is worth it” | Kris | Parent, Coram Deo Academy

“Robi, THANK. YOU. To see how excited and happy my son was after receiving his results made every night of work WORTH IT. Thank you to you and your team for all the hard work you put into it. I have already shared your contact info with several friends. Keep it up! We are thankful for you.”


“Unbridled excitement” | Belinda | Parent, Covenant Classical School

“When my son found out his ACT score after taking Robi’s class, he screamed with excitement! That was a priceless moment and I am so grateful to her for helping him get there! I’m happy to pass Robi’s name along and will continue.”


“Beyond thrilled” | Neda | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Thank you so much for all you have done for our daughter, Robi. We are beyond thrilled with her ACT score! I will be contacting you soon to get our son signed up for the class so he can begin his journey towards college applications. You are amazing and we are forever grateful.”


“Student satisfaction” | Jennifer | Parent, Flower Mound High School

“I am very happy with my son’s first-time ACT scores after taking Robi’s workshop. I will definitely recommend her…my son is not an easy customer to please and he was really happy with Robi’s class!”


“Tripled scholarship” | Kathy | Parent, Keller High School

“After taking Robi’s class, my daughter felt empowered to take the ACT. Without Robi’s helpful tips and instruction, she would have been lost. Robi gave my daughter the tools to boost her ACT score enough to triple her collegiate scholarship award!”


“New opportunities” | Ginger | Parent, Coram Deo Academy

“My husband and I are ecstatic about our son’s score. Robi, we are very grateful to you and Jeni for your expertise and help…his score brings new opportunities for him. Thank you just doesn’t cover it!”


“Helping college dreams” | Joy | Parent, All Saints’ Episcopal School

“I am happy to continue to refer others, as you have already helped both of my kids so much! Thank you for helping to make these kids’ dreams of college come true.”


“Out-of-state tuition waived” | Bonny | Parent, Argyle High School

“My daughter raised her score enough to get the tuition reduction at University of Arkansas! She raised her math score EIGHT points! All scores were raised. Thank you so much from us both!”


“Confidence skyrocketed” | Paula | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Our son already had a strong score, but we signed him up for the course because he was on the borderline for a scholarship to his first-choice college. During Robi’s class, his confidence skyrocketed! He then scored a 30 on the ACT which puts him in good standing to receive scholarship! This course is perfect for kids who don’t want or need months of prep (and who couldn’t/wouldn’t pay attention for that long). Thank you for a great class!”


“Amazing class” | Carter | Byron Nelson High School

“Robi, I am so excited about my 33 composite! Thank you so much for helping bump my score 3 points! Your class is truly amazing and I’ll be sure to tell people to take it.”


“Goal achieved” | Julie | Parent, Colleyville Heritage High School

“Before taking Robi’s class, my son’s ACT score was too low to be admitted to the collegiate Engineering program of his choice. After Robi’s class, his composite score increased 4 points and his Math score increased 6 points. With these improved scores, he was admitted into the College of Engineering! Robi does an excellent job of preparing students!”


“Dream college goal reached” | Paula | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi, for everything you did to help my son, of course I will refer you to others! I wish I could do more! We can not thank you enough for everything you did to help him reach his dream college goal.”


“Positive and personal class” | Lori | Parent, Grapevine High School

“I am so excited about my daughter’s ACT results! I cannot thank you enough for such a great class and for being such a positive influence on her. I honestly loved the class and whole experience before I even knew her score increases. I really appreciate all of the personal attention you gave her. I have already recommended you to several people, and you will being seeing my son in a couple of years!”


“Thorough instruction” | Rebecca | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Our daughter participated in Robi’s class recently before she took her first ACT exam. Robi was very thorough with her wisdom and instruction from the get-go. All aspects of the class and tests were explained in an easy to understand manner. Robi’s great attitude and demeanor made the class fun and interesting. My daughter was able to get a 30 combined score on her first test! I would thoroughly recommend Robi’s class – money well spent!”


“Conquered the ACT” | Ashton | Byron Nelson High School

“I heard about this class through friends who highly recommended it. At first, I was a bit apprehensive because I wasn’t sure if a week-long class could help me achieve my goals. I soon learned that there was nothing to worry about. Robi taught me valuable test taking strategies, helped calm my nerves, and gave me all the information I needed to conquer the ACT. Robi helped me score a 33 on the test! I recommend this class to both first-time ACT testers and students looking to raise their previous score. You will be more than pleased with the results.”


“Instills confidence” | Gail | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi, your class was focused, condensed, timed right before the test, and I’d heard great things from friends. I also think it’s great that you have the student/parent meeting prior to the start of the course. This conveys how important it is, instills confidence in your method, and gives us parents a chance to meet you and Jeni. I appreciated your organization, energy, presentation, and enthusiasm.”


“Singing Robi’s praises” | Michelle | Parent, Fort Worth Country Day School

“Robi, our son felt very confident for the ACT thanks to you and your class, and he got a 33! We are thrilled! I have been singing your praises…we will for sure recommend your course, gladly!”


“Teaches what to expect on ACT” | Trip | Paschal High School

“This is a great course for anyone who wants to understand what to expect on the ACT and how it works. Robi White’s class allowed me to raise my ACT score 6 points! Robi is a great help and makes sure that every one of her students, past and present, get the attention that they need to do well on the ACT.”


“It prepared me” | Caroline | Grapevine High School

“I took Robi’s ACT prep class and am glad I did. The week-long class was well-organized and prepared me to sit for the ACT exam by week’s end. I improved my composite score from my previous test by 5 points!”


“Good feeling & great results” | Callie | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi, we are incredibly proud of our daughter’s ACT results after taking your class! Our son will be attending your class next year, and we will be referring everyone to this class and I guarantee our daughter will do the same. Thank you for everything you have done; I had a good feeling about you the day I met you!”


“Appreciate Robi’s work” | Tracy | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“I am very pleased with the results from Robi’s class and with the progress my daughter made. As a District School Administrator, I appreciate the work that Robi does and feel as if the class was well worth the cost. I will be recommending Robi’s class to friends.”


“Shocking improvements” | Lindsay | Fort Worth Christian School

“Although I originally thought an ACT class might be boring and a waste of time, Robi made the class interesting by asking us questions and giving us practice quizzes. The real shock was when I got my scores back and saw that I had risen four composite points since my last ACT. This advancement provided me with greater scholarship opportunities and I could not be happier.”


“Master teacher and motivator” | Dorothy | Parent, Richland High School

“I am very grateful for Robi’s dedication. As a teacher myself, I’m in awe of how she motivates these kids. Robi is truly the model of a master teacher. She actually held my daughter’s attention and made her want to learn. I’ve never seen her as motivated as she was during Robi’s class; she even came home excited! No matter the score, it was worth everything to see her work SO hard. Thank you for everything you did for my daughter.”


“Scoring goal reached” | Collin | Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi, thank you so much for your dedication and helpful knowledge in the prep class. I achieved the score I was hoping for and will now get the scholarship I want at my first-choice university!”


“Exactly what our son needed” | Allyson | Parent, Liberty Christian School

“We are thankful our son’s composite ACT score increased by three points, making him eligible for the scholarships that will allow him to attend his college of choice. Robi’s systematic approach through teaching strategies and providing multiple practice tests all in one concentrated week of learning was exactly what our son needed to keep him focused in preparing for the test. It was well worth the investment both in time and money to take the class and achieve the desired test score in order to avoid retaking the ACT multiple times. We most definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in raising their ACT score.”


“Empowered my son” | Kim | Parent, Fort Worth Country Day School

“I learned about Robi’s class from a friend. We had previously chosen more traditional, one-on-one tutoring for my older child, and I was interested to give the week-long intensive method a try. Robi is extremely knowledgeable about the ACT test format and prepares her students to succeed. Our son was very comfortable taking his first ACT – there were no surprises! He was pleased with his score, and feels empowered to take the test again in hopes of achieving a score he never imagined. Robi was interested in my son’s success from the beginning. I cannot recommend her class highly enough!”


“Go straight to Robi” | Nadine | Parent, Denton Guyer High School

“Our daughter went to the first day of Robi’s class grumbling about ‘another prep class’ as she had just finished a semester-long SAT prep class which was not very helpful. She came home from that first day with a completely different attitude, and by the end of the week felt so confident about taking the ACT. I’m happy and proud to say that she is now in the range for significant scholarship money at her target schools. Also, her math score went up 4 points–the confidence that she gained in math alone was worth the class. We will skip the SAT prep with our son in a few years and go straight to Robi!”


“Makes an impact” | Isabelle | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi, you had a big impact on my daughter’s ACT improvement. You gave her a methodology and confidence booster that just made the difference for her and her 4-point increase. She’s definitively a great example of your effectiveness! I will give your name and contact info anytime.”


“Dread to delight” | Hannah | Covenant Classical School

“I had never been very good at standardized testing, so I dreaded having to take the ACT. I’d taken some week-long classes before, and they didn’t show positive results. So, going into this class I was not expecting much. But after the week with Robi was finished, I felt very confident to take the ACT and my test scores were much higher than I expected. This class helped a lot!”


“Top college acceptance” | Anne | Parent, Paschal High School

“After Robi’s class, my daughter saw a tremendous improvement on her ACT scores. In fact, because of Robi’s expert guidance and support, my daughter has been admitted to her top college! Thank you, Robi, for helping make her dreams come true.”


“Passion to help succeed” | Cynthia | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“My daughter took Robi’s ACT prep course, and she and I are both very impressed and pleased with the outcome! She not only increased her score, but also received the scholarship she was seeking. Robi is very dedicated and has a true passion for each student to succeed. Robi also follows up with both students and parents after scores are posted, which is a true reflection of her character and compassion. We had previously tried another prep course but did not have the results we had with Robi’s class. We are so grateful we found Robi’s program; it is truly worth the investment and time. I would highly encourage her program to everyone!”


“Felt prepared and energetic” | Andi | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi, many thanks for your ACT prep program you provide! My daughter took your program very seriously, down to the special sandwich! She came out of the four-hour ACT test with energy, feeling good and happy. We won’t know what her score is for a while, but she felt prepared, and for that, thank you!”


“Ecstatic about improvements” | Amanda | Parent, Azle High School

“My daughter thoroughly enjoyed not only Robi’s class, but also Robi. I was worried about how motivated she would be, but Robi had so much energy and knowledge it wasn’t a problem at all! We are ecstatic about her 6-point composite improvement (NINE points in math!) and will definitely be putting her younger brothers through the class when their time comes. I will be recommending Robi’s class to all of my friends!”


“Remarkable improvement” | Cheryl | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi, we are very proud of our son! He worked hard and we are very grateful to you for getting such a remarkable improvement in his scores. I have already referred your services on to other parents.”


“Confident and ready” | Erin | Southlake Performing Arts Conservatory

“Robi helped me make a great score on my ACT. She made me feel confident and ready going into the test, and I couldn’t have done it without her help. I’m looking forward to being able to go to college now!”


“Fully equips students” | Stephanie | Parent, All Saints’ Episcopal School

“I highly recommend that all students prepare for the ACT with Robi. Both my son and daughter took Robi’s class, and they received their highest scores (out of multiple tests) on the exam taken immediately after participating in her week-long class. Robi’s holistic approach helps students get into the mindset that it takes to achieve higher scores. She expects a lot from her students throughout the week, and, in turn, they are fully equipped to tackle the exam on Saturday morning. I truly believe that Robi’s approach enables each student to perform to their very best level on the ACT.”


“Course was a game-changer” | Tisha | Parent, Paschal High School

“Robi’s course was a game-changer for my son. He previously had taken 4 weeks of SAT tutoring resulting in unremarkable scores. We decided to focus on the ACT and give Robi’s course a try. Her class raised my son’s ACT composite 4 points! This allowed him to get into and receive scholarship from a university that had been a long shot. Robi is passionate about helping kids reach their goals. She taught him test taking skills he had never learned, and her mentoring is exactly what my son needed. Don’t waste your money on any other course!”


“Helped BOTH my kids” | Tommy | Parent, Northwest & Byron Nelson High Schools

“Robi helped my daughter last year and my son this year, and she is AMAZING at what she does. She has been a blessing for the kids as well as our entire family. The score increase for my daughter allowed her to attend the college of her dreams, and the score increase for my son will have a huge effect on his confidence. He can now apply to several of the schools he was interested in and has more options with the score he achieved. My wife and I cannot thank Robi enough!”


“Prayer and encouragement” | Sharon | Parent, Faith Christian School

“Robi played such a huge role in the collegiate acceptance and scholarship process. Not only in the training she gave my daughter for the testing, but especially in the personal encouragement and prayer Robi so freely gave her. I can’t begin to thank Robi enough!”


“Like a fine-tooth comb” | Hannah | Keller High School

“When I first heard of Robi’s class I was unsure, because I’m not a quick learner. Once I entered the class though, I was happily surprised! We went at a comfortable pace that I could keep up with. There wasn’t any pressure on having to understand everything immediately. I was able to soak up the information because Robi took her time on every detail and made sure we all understood before moving on. It was like taking a fine-tooth comb over the test and removing any confusion from the ACT. I improved 3 composite points and couldn’t be happier!”


“Helped me achieve my lofty goals” | Jacey | Byron Nelson High School

“Achieving a high score on the ACT was a goal I set for myself. I enrolled in Robi’s ACT prep class and immediately increased my score by 3 composite points. I kept retaking the test, however, to achieve my goal of a 32 composite. Robi’s practice tests and guidance helped me to actually surpass my goal and earn a 34 composite score (a 10-point overall improvement)! Robi is extremely encouraging, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and truly cares about your success. Her class definitely helped me and I am grateful for Robi and her ACT prep class!”


“Worth the time and money” | Lisa | Parent, Grapevine High School

“Our son had a goal of an ACT test score in the 30’s. He took the test in December but did not reach his goal. Friends had recommended Robi’s class and he decided he wanted to take the class even though he knew it would be a challenge to keep up with his regular school work. He met his goal after taking Robi’s February class. That score will open up possibilities in several universities and also make him eligible for scholarships. A great return on investment of both time and money. ”


“Impactful and enjoyable class” | Jimmy | Richland High School

“I actually looked forward to the class, because I figured that I could use all the help I could get on the important ACT test. During the class, Robi taught us techniques and need-to-knows on how to approach the test. The class was enjoyable and never overwhelming. After the five-day class, I felt confident that I could achieve a respectable score on the real test. Not only did I make a respectable score, Robi’s class raised my composite five points!”


“Invaluable encouragement” | Jenifer | Parent, Southlake Carroll High School

“Our daughter took Robi’s ACT prep course and we were all thrilled with the results of that decision! Her course is well-organized, thorough, and FULL of tips on succeeding at the ACT. We would highly recommend it to ANY student wishing to gain confidence and see improvement. Robi’s constant encouragement as she prepared and equipped our daughter throughout the course was invaluable. She learned so much about mastering the test, proven by the increases in her scores! An investment well worth it!”


“Boosted confidence, boosted score” | Saritha | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“My daughter attended Robi’s ACT prep workshop and I am thrilled with the results! Robi is very experienced, thorough, and systematic in her approach. Her teaching boosted my daughter’s confidence and helped her get a fantastic score! Robi cares for each of her students’ success and gives 100% to each one. I highly recommend Robi’s prep course for any student wanting to take the ACT and do well.”


“5-point Increase” | Lauren | Liberty Christian School

“Robi was so positive and encouraging. I gained knowledge in critical areas during the workshop and increased my composite ACT score by 5 points!”


“Money well spent” | Jackie | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“My daughter took Robi White’s ACT prep course and her score went from a 16 to a 22. Robi’s prep methods helped her confidence and time management allowing her to score high enough to be considered by many colleges. The class was small, organized and well worth the money spent.”


“Exceptionally prepared” | Samuel | L.D. Bell High School

“One of my friends increased her ACT score by 4 points after taking Robi’s course, so this gave me incentive to trust that this was the right course for me. I successfully boosted my score from a 30 to a 33! But most importantly, I felt exceptionally prepared for the test, as will any student who commits to Robi’s prep course.”


“Formula for success” | Michele | Parent, Northwest High School

“Robi White’s prep class was exactly what my daughter needed in order to be awarded a scholarship for the college of her choice. The combination of the well-organized, detailed classroom instructions for each section of the ACT, along with Robi’s positive, encouraging and uplifting spirit is definitely a formula for any student’s success! Robi truly cares about each student and gives 110% of her time to each and every one to ensure they perform their best on the ACT test. Amazing class and an amazing instructor! We cannot thank Robi enough!”


“Scholarship achieved” | Robin | Parent, Argyle High School

“I am so thankful that we found Robi! My son had taken the ACT 3 times trying to achieve a 24, which would provide much needed scholarship money. He wasn’t excited about taking it again but agreed. Robi truly cares about your child succeeding! She made it enjoyable and gave my son the confidence he needed to take the test. He not only raised his overall score from a 21 to a 24, he also raised his math score (not his best subject) to a 26 which allowed him to advance in math. I wish we had known about her before. I would highly recommend her! She is amazing!”


“Robi genuinely cares” | Lauren | Southlake Carroll High School

“Robi’s class made me feel prepared, organized, and confident for the test. I can tell that she loves her job and genuinely cares about each student. The first day of the class she told us that whatever work we put in is what will be reflected in our scores, and ultimately the prep week was well-spent in preparing for the test. Now I feel confident about college and the future – thanks Robi!”


“Destroyed my doubts” | Chase |  Byron Nelson High School

“I had my doubts like every other student that takes an ACT prep class, but was forced to attend Robi’s class by my parents. It was one of the best things that has happened for me because it teaches you the specific techniques required to perform well and makes you feel very comfortable with the test. Her class allowed me to perform at my highest level on the test and assisted in me scoring a 32 which has led to numerous scholarship offers.”


“Highly recommend” | Tiffany | Parent, Faith Christian School

“Our daughter began prepping for the ACT a bit later than most of her peers. Her initial score without prepping was an 19 on the ACT. We were very happy when we received her latest ACT score results of 23. Robi gives her students great strategies to carry with them into test day, and most importantly our daughter was very confident in her ability to raise her score after the workshop. Robi takes a great interest in her students from beginning to end and has great communication with the parents. I highly recommend her workshop if you are looking for a place for your student to prepare for the ACT.”


“A great decision” | Joeli | Parent, Liberty Christian School

“Having our son take Robi’s ACT prep class was a great decision! Robi’s positive encouragement, study techniques, and strategies for testing helped raise his ACT score from a 22 to a 27 composite earning him substantial scholarship awards. He is now attending the college of his dreams. I highly recommend Robi’s class and my son is forever grateful for her help! ”


“Will refer everyone” | Felicia | Parent, Grapevine High School

“I couldn’t say enough great things about Robi’s workshop. My daughter and I were both a little skeptical at the beginning but knew we needed to try something to help. After the course, she increased her score enough to allow in-state tuition. We will definitely be referring everyone we know to take the workshop with Robi.”


“7-point improvement” | Sara | Byron Nelson High School

“Robi’s ACT prep course proved to be very useful to me. She was very detailed for each segment of the test and gave helpful strategies on how to eliminate certain answers and speed up the process of choosing the correct answer. The class had a great learning environment due to a small group of students wishing to achieve better scores on the ACT. Robi also gave us several techniques to help us relax before the big test. After taking her class, I raised my composite score by 7 points! The class gave me the confidence I needed to take control of my score.”


“6-point Increase” | Kathy | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi White’s ACT Prep course was an extremely positive experience for my family. Her technique instilled a level of confidence in my child that she did not have prior to taking the course. As a result, my child’s ACT score improved SIX points over her previous score – which also resulted in an automatic college scholarship. Happy child, happy parents! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Robi’s course!”


“Most helpful prep I’ve taken” | Maddie | Argyle High School

“I have taken multiple ACT prep courses and Robi’s course has by far been the most helpful. Her strategy and repetitive testing technique help tremendously. After her class, my score improved by 3 composite points! I would definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to improve on the ACT.”


“Increased confidence” | Kirsten | Parent, Liberty Christian School

“Our son loved Robi’s ACT prep class. It helped him be more prepared and gave him confidence to take the ACT test. He was knew what was expected of him; nothing was a surprise. We were so excited to see that our son brought his test scores up by 5 points! I highly recommend Robi’s ACT prep course to any student preparing for college. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor for students.”


“Changed my future” | Maggie | Byron Nelson High School

“Taking this course completely changed my college future. At first I didn’t know what to think of sitting in a room with people I didn’t even know. After the first day, however, I began to feel a bond between all of us…it was almost like a big family! I noticed my scores getting better and better on the practice tests during the week. When I received my score from the actual ACT test, it had improved by 6 composite points! That is a huge deal to me and my family. Thanks to Robi, I have a chance at a bright future in college!”


“Highly impressed” | Diane | Parent, Liberty Christian School

“We chose to send our daughter to Robi White’s ACT Prep class after our daughter had already taken the ACT test 3 times previously. I was highly impressed with Robi upon meeting her. She worked diligently to prepare each student for each section of the test, instructed them with the highest academic professionalism, and prepared them to walk into the testing site with confidence. I will be using Robi White again for our next daughter as she prepares for the ACT test.”


“Telling all my friends” | Chelsea | Grapevine High School

“When I started Robi’s class, I really felt motivated and that I had someone who truly cared about how I did on my test. She made me want to go the extra mile. Robi’s class was very helpful and I have been more than happy to tell all of my friends what a great teacher she is because I exceeded my scoring goal with her and she will help anyone do the same.”


“School of her dreams” | Kim | Parent, Byron Nelson High School

“Robi did an excellent job preparing our daughter for the ACT test. She had taken the ACT previously and had not done well enough to apply to the ‘schools of her dreams.’ Before the course, Robi reviewed our daughter’s scores and then focused on improving her weak areas. After the course, her scores increased tremendously. Robi not only worked hard with her students, but also took a personal interest in their studies. Robi’s program has enabled our daughter to now apply to the prestigious ‘schools of her dreams!'”