Robi’s Continued Guidance

1. How does Robi’s continued guidance/practice tests work?

If a student chooses to take the ACT again after taking the class, then they are welcome to come take new and different practice tests and interact with Robi and Jeni at the church the Monday/Tuesday/Thursday of the week before each* national ACT between 4:45 pm and 7:45 pm at no additional cost.

(*Practice test times different for June – please contact Robi for specifics.  Also, practice tests not available in person before July test date since Robi does not teach a July workshop.)

New and different practice tests in all subjects will be available Mon/Tues/Thurs, and a student can come as many or few days as they choose.  They can also arrive/leave anytime during those hours…your student can come/go according to what works best for their schedule!  Each of these evenings, either Jeni or Robi (or both!) are at the practice test classrooms to sit down and interact with students individually. We will answer questions on the practice tests they’re taking, discuss their scores/goals/colleges, refresh them on topics/strategies they learned in class…it gives us a chance to be more specific with our guidance so students feel confident and ready to take the ACT on Saturday. It works beautifully!

2. Where does my student go when they arrive, and how will they know what to do?

Your student can come in the church’s front doors. They will be greeted by Robi’s assistant who will explain all the details and ensure the practice test experience is running smoothly.

3. What responsibility does my student have to ensure they are getting the most out of this experience?

Obviously, just coming to the church, taking a practice test, and leaving won’t help a student at all (of course)! So, your student needs to send Robi a Remind message or email ASAP in order to communicate and make a specific plan according to your student’s scores/goals/needs so they will get the most out of this process and the practice they do at the church.

Also, your student needs to be sure to sit down with Robi/Jeni each day they come to the church to ensure their questions are answered and they are getting the very most out of their practice. The main reason they are coming to the church is to SPEAK to Robi or Jeni! Asking questions, discussing things, and understanding their mistakes by doing intentional practice is the only way scores will continue to improve. It’s about QUALITY rather than quantity!

4. Why doesn’t my student retake the class?

Sitting through the entire sixteen-plus hour class again would mean a student is hearing the EXACT same teaching and taking the EXACT same practice tests as they did during the initial class week. This is not a good use of students’ time, nor would it allow us to obtain true scores from your student since they have already seen and taken those exact practice tests. Taking new and different practice tests in the subjects specific to your student’s needs and interacting with Robi/Jeni on an individual basis is what best benefits students once they have the class teaching as a foundation.

Your student should have taken copious notes on all the teaching from the class week, so they need to begin reviewing all their notes to get back into “ACT mode” leading up to the week before the ACT so they will get the most out of the new practice tests they’ll be taking at the church.

Robi or Jeni interact with students individually at the practice test classrooms all evening to answer questions they have on the tests they are taking and refresh them on things they learned during the class week (but may have forgotten!). This is also a great time for your student to chat with Robi or Jeni about their particular situation: their specific scores, goals, colleges, etc.

Taking new practice tests as outlined here (rather than retaking the class) does NOT mean your student is being “excluded” from Robi’s and Jeni’s help…Robi has designed this practice test methodology only with consideration of her students’ success in mind. It truly is designed to be more specific to your student’s particular needs!

5. What should my student bring when coming to take practice tests?

Their orientation folder, notes sheets from class, calculator, watch, and game plan*.
(*Your student needs to have communicated with Robi via Remind or email beforehand so they can make a practice plan.)